Senior Citizen Discount


Implementing Guidelines on the Five Percent Discout (5%) On Electric Bill

Based on RA 9994 or the Expanded  Senior Citizen Act of 2010


This is to provide a mechanism and procedure for the extension of 5% discount to Senior Citizens whose electricity  consumption is 100 kilowatthours and below in compliance with the provision of Republic Act 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizen Act of  2010 which will cover all registered Senior Citizens as Member-Consumers of the Coop.

Procedure in availing the Senior Citizen discount:

1. Senior Citizen must register and apply personally with the cooperative (ISD) to avail of the discount and must present the following:

 a. Identification Card Issued by the Office of the Senior Citizens Office of the place where the senior citizen resides;

b. Passport of the senior citizens

c. Other documents certifying that the senior citizen is a Filipino and  at least 60 years old.

 2. Must submit Barangay Certification or Affidavit that the place where the meter is connected  under his/her name is where he/she resides.

3. Authorization Letter and Medical Certificate need to be submitted in case a representative shall apply in behalf of a senior citizen who is physically disabled.

4. Five Percent Discount can be availed by senior citizens whose electricity consumption is 100 kilowatthours and below.

5. The discount can only be availed once. In cases there are two or more meter under the name of the senior citizen, discount shall be extended to the certified residence.

6. The privilege shall be granted per household regardless of the number of citizens residing therein.

7. The meter should have been under the senior citizen’s name for one-year. (Proof of Billing for one year before they can avail of the discount).

8. Senior citizens must register annually to continuously avail of the discount.  (For verification if the Senior Citizen is still alive).

9. Change of name from a younger to a Senior Citizen will only be allowed if the requirements of the coop policy for such shall be complied with.

10. Fifty percent (50%) discount shall also be granted on the electricity consumption of the Senior Citizens Center and Residential Care/Group Homes that are government-run or non-stock, non-profit domestic corporation organized primarily for the purpose of promoting the well-being of neglected, abandoned, unattached or homeless senior citizens falling under the following:

a.  “self and social enhancement services” which provide senior citizens opportunities for socializing, organizing creative expression and self-improvement;

b.  “after care and follow-up services” for citizens who are discharged from homes for the aged especially for those who have problems with families and both need counseling;

c.  “neighborhood support services” wherein the community or family members provide caregiving services to their frail, sick or bedridden senior citizens; and

d. “substitute family care” in the form of residential care or group homes for the abandoned, neglected or unattached or homeless senior citizens and those incapable of self-care.

 11. For accredited Senior Citizen Centers, the person-in-charge or custodian (President, Secretary or Treasurer of the SC Center) is required to apply personally and must submit the following :

 a. Valid ID of the Person-in-Charge or Custodian

 b. Accreditation or certification from the DSWD

 12. The Senior Citizen Center can only avail of the 50% discount if it has been in operation for at least six (6) months. (Monthly consumption is 100 kwh and below and current in its payment of electric bill.

13. The coop shall comply/conform with the rules for the calculation of Senior Citizen Discount and subsidy on electricity consumption under Sections 4 and 5 of Republic Act 9994.